When we think of toilets (let’s be honest here, that is a strange statement, who and when do people think about toilets in any great detail on a regular basis!) there is a generally a toilet archetype in your head. It is your traditional close coupled toilet with the pan on the floor, cistern on top of the pan with either a flush lever or flush button and a toilet seat that is either askew or deafening when it spontaneously slams back onto the pan – think back to your grandparent's house. Even though there is some sort of collective nostalgia for how it used to be, toilets have been revolutionised in the last 20 years.

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Which toilets are the best?

Whilst the traditional close coupled toilet is still incredibly popular there are now more installation options than ever to help you design and customise your new bathroom.

Close coupled WC's can be bulky and take up a great deal of space, which if you are trying to create a modern, clutter-free space in your bathroom it doesn’t really fit. Probably the 2nd most common type of toilet we see is the wall hung toilet. This is generally a toilet pan that appears to be floating on the wall. The floating pan hangs on a floor mounted concealed cistern and frame behind the wall, which is operated by a flush plate; which can be removed to access the cistern for maintenance.

In a similar vein to the wall hung toilet, there is the freestanding back to wall toilet. Again this is a single pan and seat with a concealed cistern in the wall but it is mounted to the floor and rests against the wall. The back to wall WC is incredibly popular when used with toilet furniture such as toilet units if you are looking to match it to basin units or a fitted furniture program. You can use wall mounted pans with furniture, however, you need a special furniture concealed cistern and frame which does limit your options a little.

What styles of toilets are there?

You can very easily split bathroom design into two camps: contemporary bathrooms and traditional bathrooms.

Contemporary bathrooms are generally a made up of curved toilet pans or angular/square toilet pans. You can get contemporary close coupled toilets but you generally have more options of back to wall and wall hung toilets. We are seeing a surge in contemporary toilet colours at the moment with black toilets and other finishes being incredibly popular. You also tend to see more innovation in contemporary styled WC’s in terms of technology. For instance, the Japanese toilet or showering/shower toilet as they are known in Europe, is rising in popularity as more and more established brands are bringing out their own versions. We are also seeing an increase in demand for macerating toilets as people are utilising unused space in their homes in new and creative ways.

Traditional bathrooms are really only a British thing. In the rest of Europe, it seems to be super modern or nothing (or in the case of France it’s really is nothing, sometimes it’s just a hole). We tend to favour Victorian styled toilets and Edwardian or Georgian styled toilets. Which come in a variety of different types, so there is the standard close couple toilet we have discussed previously. There is also the low level toilet and medium level toilet which has the cistern separated from the pan, which is wall-mounted and normally joined by a metal pipe. There is also the high level toilet which has the pan on the floor and the cistern mounted towards the selling with a handing down pull cord to fill the cistern.