Wet Rooms

With modern advances in bathroom technology, and mass market supply helping to bring down the costs involved, wetrooms have never been easier to design and install! European in origin, the bathroom wetroom can be either a complete ‘wet room’ or a zone of your overall bathroom, providing an open, easily accessible and modern looking showering space for all the family including those with reduced mobility, and those looking for a stunning minimal modern bathroom shower design.

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The modern wet room is quick and easy to install, simple to maintain and remains watertight and safe -thanks to many modern bathroom technology developments in the last few years. A wetroom can be created in any room in the home or in a commercial setting, waterproof tile backer board such as wedi can be set down creating the basic waterproof structure of the room with storage niches, shelves, benches and many more creative forms that can then be tiled over to wonderful effect, in fact you can be creative and zone areas of the room with different tiles. The open plan easy access nature of wetrooms also makes them great for persons with mobility issues, whilst maintaining a premium bathroom look and feel in your home.